Versage Energy Drink White Edition (SOLD OUT)


Versage® Energy Drink contains vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and other dietary ingredients and are marketed through our full service distributor network.

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Versage Energy Drink White Edition

Versage® is a Energy Drink with a amazing combination of ingredients.
Versage® Energy Drink has been specially developed for times of increased physical and mental exertion. Versage® Energy Drink vitalizes your body.

Versage® Energy Drink White Edition

– Increases performance.
– High-quality, caffeinated Drink with the classic taste.
– A drink with an intensely refreshing, fruity taste.
– Special ingredients. Special effects. Special function.
– Increases concentration and reaction speed.
– Improves vigilance.
– Improves the emotional status.
– Formulated to provide the perfect energy boost.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, dextrose, acidifier citric acid, carbonic acid, acidity regulator sodiumcitrates, caffeine, taurine (0,03%), colourings E 150c and E101, aroma, niacine, pantothenic acid, vitamins B6, B12.

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1 Tray contains 24 x 250 ml cans



Lightly carbonated

160 calories per can

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