We develop, market, sell and distribute high quality beverages. Our Versage Energy Drink is dedicated to provide you with the nutrition your body needs. The success of our Versage® brands attracted a lot of attention in Germany. Scientific studies have confirmed the performance increase of energy drinks. Millions of cans of our Versage Energy Drink were sold in the last years and made Versage Energy Drink Beverages to a shooting star in Germany. We continue to expand our existing Versage® Energy Drink portfolio and we develop our distribution markets worldwide. Our Versage® Energy Drinks contain vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and other dietary ingredients and are marketed through our full service distributor network.

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The energy drink market facts

Global Energy Drinks Market by 2026
The Growth Forecast 2020 - 2026 in percent
Billion cans sold worldwide

Versage ® Energy Drink

We continue to evaluate and, where considered appropriate, introduce additional flavors and types of beverages to complement our existing Versage® product lines. We package our products in a variety of different package types and sizes including, but not limited to, aluminum cans. 

We do not directly manufacture our products, but instead outsource the manufacturing process to third party bottlers and contract packers. For our Finished Versage® Products segment, we purchase concentrates, sweeteners, juices, flavors, dietary ingredients, cans, and other ingredients for our Versage® Energy Drinks from our suppliers, which are delivered to our various third party bottlers and co-packers. 

All of our Versage® Energy Drinks are manufactured by various third party bottlers and co-packers situated in Germany and abroad. We continue to expand distribution of our Versage® Energy Drinks in both our domestic and international markets, and our products are now sold in various countries and territories around the world.  

Why Versage ® Energy Drink

Background: Not only is Germany famous for its business culture, also for its high quality products. Learn more about our Versage® Energy Drinks.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, dextrose, acidifier citric acid, carbonic acid, acidity regulator sodiumcitrates, caffeine, taurine (0,03%), colourings E 150c and E101, aroma, niacine,
pantothenic acid, vitamins B6, B12.

We believe that one of the keys to success in the industry is differentiation, making our Versage® Energy Drinks and products visually distinctive from other energy drink products on the shelves of retailers. Youʼre in extremely safe hands with our friendly and knowledgeable Versage® sales team. Contact our sales team about any questions you have. Email: sales@versageenergy.com

Our marketing strategy for all our Versage® Energy Drinks is to focus our efforts on developing Versage® brand awareness. We also support our Versage® brands with promotions, endorsements from selected public and music industry figures, and sponsorship of selected events, print, radio and television advertising.  

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